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Karin Riesterer is an experienced market gardener. After working for a year as a gardener, she studied in Geisenheim, where she graduated with a degree in horticulture. Before starting at Gemüsering, she was a consultant for biological and chemical crop protection. Karin has been the Head of Quality Management at Gemüsering Stuttgart since 2001. She is a true all-rounder: flexible, reliable, and capable in all fields.

Karin Riesterer
Head of Quality Management
2001 – Today
Main place of work is the headquarters in Stuttgart; provides nationwide support for locations and attends certain events across Europe
1. How would you describe quality management at Gemüsering in 10 words?

We are flexible, fast, pragmatic, practice-oriented, versatile, close to the product, producer-oriented, highly capable and have an eye on feasibility.

2. What are your principles?

We keep an eye on all sides, meaning we focus on both our producers and our customers. Our guidelines are both the legal requirements we are subject to and the specifications of our customers. However, it is especially important to keep an eye on feasibility. One of quality management’s specialities: “We also keep an eye on the flow of goods. We act across the board, that is to say, the QM system encompasses the entirety of all quality-relevant processes. Our goal is to design the operational processes in such a way that we perfectly meet our customers’ requirements – right down to compliance with the legal and social framework conditions. We also act in a way that is practice-oriented and sustainable.

3. Who do you look after mainly?

I primarily look after our producers, subsidiaries and customers.

4. What is important to you when working with them?

A sense of openness, understanding and the ability to work on an equal footing like partners, as well as the consistent and reliable achievement of our goals.

5. What skills does QM use to support our customers?

We provide an insight into production, into product, goods and manufacturing know-how. We also provide an advance assessment if there any questions regarding the feasibility of customer requirements. Our customers usually ask us early on: “Can the producers achieve this?”

6. What problems and issues do producers come to you with?

Pretty much anything: with questions relating to crop protection, weather conditions, certifications, referendums, coronavirus measures, succession, with projects relating to new products, and much more besides. If there’s a problem, the producers can call me at any time. I’ve also had lovesick people give me a call :)

7. What are the issues currently affecting fruit and vegetable production?

Coronavirus issues are, of course, very topical. This includes things such as compliance with the hygiene requirements at the facilities or the procurement of harvest workers while the borders are closed. Issues such as crop protection, insect deaths and extreme weather conditions such as drought also affect fruit and vegetable production. Another important aspect is the topic of organic cultivation and work in the relevant associations so that we can always be one step ahead in this regard and, if necessary, are able to support our producers accordingly.

8. What constitutes a modern QM system in fruit and vegetable marketing?

Quite simply: the ability to act agilely. This means acting preventatively instead of reactively, while simultaneously being able to proceed quickly and in line with the situation.